Nicola Tatham
Principal psychologist

What were you doing before you joined
The Future Work Centre?

I was freelancing, specialising – as have done for almost 20 years– in selection, assessment, development and psychometrics. Before that, I worked as an in-house occupational psychologist and for a number of consultancies. I’ve developed and adapted assessments for everyone from the Royal Air Force and high street retailers to teachers and the NHS.

What excites you most about your role?

I love helping early career psychologists to grow and develop, sharing my knowledge and expertise along the way. And I’m really thrilled to have the chance to reach a much wider audience with our research results and insights – whether that’s organisations, teams, line managers, employees or the public.

Why is an evidence-based approach important?

I’ve always put a big emphasis on using research to inform my work, right from when I updated the Police Initial Recruitment Test as part of my Masters. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to help clients by offering them evidence to support their decision-making; if I’m honest, I’ve always struggled to understand why more people don’t use this approach!

What does work mean to you?

I think about this a lot. I’ve been fascinated by occupational psychology since doing my degree, so to use it every day feels like a real privilege. I love working in a team to create a solution or a product that will benefit both clients and their employees and applicants. And I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing weeks, months or even years of work coming to fruition.