Marina Barabanova,

What were you doing before you joined The Future Work Centre?

I was combining psychology with being a business leader. That means I was applying the skills gained from 20 years of working as a psychologist, as well as those gained from my more recent experience of establishing and growing successful businesses. The Future Work Centre is the culmination of all my experience and aspirations.

What excites you most about your role?

I’m really lucky that my role motivates me in so many ways – doing innovative, intellectually stimulating work with people that matter and making a positive impact on people and society. Together, we have a great opportunity to develop the field of occupational psychology as a scientific discipline and as a valued profession.

Why is an evidence-based approach important?

Making decisions is hard enough; not being able to base them on knowledge of what works makes it painful. That’s why having expert support to gather and evaluate the best information available, and develop practical insights, is very useful. My passion is to make this approach standard practice in our profession, to improve our understanding of the world of work.

What does work mean to you?

Both as a practising psychologist in the world of work, and, later, as a business leader, it’s been my aspiration to help other people to get more joy from their professional lives, and to become happier and more fulfilled as a result.