Justin McNamara
Principal psychologist

What were you doing before you joined
The Future Work Centre?

Since 2002 I’ve been working with a range of businesses to improve the performance of their people and to answer key questions like: ‘Who should I hire?’ and ‘How ready are my leaders for their next career step?’. Most recently, I held a variety of in-house occupational psychology roles in Australia and the UK, then set up my own psychology business, People Excellence Ltd. I’m still working there, alongside my role at the FWC.

What excites you most about your role?

I’m passionate about occupational psychology and about improving the way we train people to be occupational psychologists in the UK. I’m tantalised by the prospect of rigorously analysing and evaluating work and tackling difficult issues in the workplace. And I’m excited that, by sharing our insights, we might make a positive difference to lots of people. It’s a core driver for me.

Why is an evidence-based approach important?

I think it’s great that we’re starting to pool together good-quality research findings and identify and test for things that actually matter in the world of work. It means we can quantify the benefit of changes, debunk myths and start directing things that really matter – such as budgets and policies – based on science, not subjectivity.

What does work mean to you?

I’m very lucky that I do what I love. Being a psychologist is a key part of my identity, so being to able to share what I love with others while developing the next generation of talent is a great opportunity.