Scientific evidence reviews

One of the core principles of an evidence-based approach is using the best available evidence to help you make a decision. In addition to evidence in your organisation, it is important to understand what the scientific literature says about a particular topic. However, accessing, understanding and applying scientific evidence in your decision-making can be complex and time-consuming.

Acting as a bridge between academia and organisational practice, we can help identify, critically evaluate and synthesise the best available evidence for a particular purpose:

  • Evidence topic summaries – if time and budget are constrained, we can provide an overview of what the evidence says about a given topic. We’ll work with you to understand your key question(s) and provide you with an easy to understand report including the main findings and implications for organisational practice.
  • Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) – a structured and rigorous process for identifying, appraising and evaluating scientific evidence. Once the scope of the review has been reviewed we identify appropriate studies, appraise them for quality, synthesise key finding and provide a detailed report including implications for organisational practice.

“RBLI commissioned the Future Work Centre to review a range of interventions to identify ‘what works’ and ‘for whom’, when engaging people with health conditions as part of their journey towards work. The results of this review have been extremely useful in providing an objective and independent perspective on a subject well-known to the organisation; it highlighted robust evidence to support those elements for future service delivery and areas where further research may be of benefit. Reviews of this type are invaluable to organisations where time doesn’t always allow and where preconceived opinions aren’t necessarily based on robust evidence.”

Sharon Patmore, Head of Workplace Psychology, RBLI

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