Organisational and employee research

The relationship between an organisation and its employees is complex. Get it right and you can create an environment where people thrive and perform well – get it wrong, the implications can be detrimental to the organisation and individual wellbeing.

Organisations are awash with data and regularly seek to understand the quality of employee experience via opinion surveys and focus groups. However, all too often, surveys are a transactional tick-box exercise, poorly designed and implemented with little actionable insight.

As occupational psychologists, we can offer reliable and valid measurement of psychological and behavioural phenomena in organisations:

  • Help you design and implement robust employee surveys, using reliable and valid measures.
  • Analyse your survey data using inferential (rather than descriptive) statistics to explore relationships between constructs to identify trends and causal factors.
  • Provide meaningful and accessible reports for your stakeholders.
  • Feedback survey data to key stakeholders to help them engage and take action.
  • Integrate quantitative measurement with other data sources (e.g. focus groups) to help contextualise and make sense of survey data.

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