Independent assessment advice

Finding the right assessment solution and supplier can be a difficult and complex process to navigate. It starts with being clear on the talent challenge you’re trying address in your organisation so that you can be clear about the solution and service package you require.

Whilst the assessment market is certainly not new, we believe that for organisations and individuals, it remains an industry fraught with poor practice, misconceptions and over-hyped claims. In a lucrative and crowded sector, the task of selecting, implementing and monitoring assessment is growing ever-more challenging.

Our team of occupational psychologists has deep expertise in the design, implementation and evaluation of workplace assessment, in both selection and development scenarios. However, as we are not a test publisher, with no vested interest, we can offer impartial expert advice and support in the following areas:

  • Procurement support – whether you’re looking to use psychometric assessment for the first time or perhaps you’re looking for a new supplier, we can help you fully define your organisational requirement and define a project brief that meets your need and aligns with best practice. We’ll help you ask right questions during the procurement process, so that you can evaluate and identify the best supplier from a cost, product, technological and service perspective.
  • Data services – Do the assessments you use work? Are they unfairly discriminating against certain populations? Is your new assessment performing better than your old assessment? Our team of psychologists have the expertise to analyse your assessment data to help you answer questions like these. And it’s not just their statistical know-how which counts, it’s being able to translate the findings into accessible and meaningful conclusions to aid your decision-making.

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