Evaluation services

Evaluation is one of the cornerstones of an evidence-based approach, but is often not undertaken by organisations, for a range of reasons including cost, lack of skills and other competing business priorities. All too often, resources are ploughed into initiatives without knowing what value they add.

At the Future Work Centre, we’re passionate about finding out what works, in what way and for whom, to help organisations truly understand the value and impact of their policies, initiatives and investments.

We can help you to:

  • Build an evaluation framework before you implement an initiative so that you can quantify the impact before and after an intervention. For example, you may be about to launch a leadership development programme or a wellbeing initiative and you want to understand how well it’s working and if it’s having the desired effect.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an existing initiative or programme – for example, in evaluating the effectiveness of a training course, we go ‘beyond the happy sheet’ to understand how well learning has transferred into day-to-day working life.

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