Critical friend sessions

Organisations are dynamic and complex, and people-related challenges are rarely simple and straightforward. That’s why we don’t have packaged, off-the-shelf solutions. We encourage our clients to spend more time understanding the problem they are trying to address before committing to significant decisions.

So, if you have a people-related challenge where you want a fresh, independent perspective, or help to structure your thinking and shape a solution, we can help.  In a ‘critical friend session’, we ask lots of questions and explore the issue from a systems perspective and with an evidence-based mindset. Using our experience and expertise, we’ll challenge your thinking and bring clarity to your challenge.

We can run these sessions on a one-to-one basis or with a group of stakeholders, after which we’ll summarise the session and provide a series of recommendations for navigating the right way forward.

“Working with the Future Work Centre, was a refreshingly different approach. On the one hand working alongside us exploring our challenges with us, but at the same time, bringing a wealth of external experience to the conversations. However, they also brought a different way of thinking about business problems – a critical reasoning that really helped challenge some of our assumptions and help shape direction.”

Tim Fevyer, Specsavers, Director of Group Reward and Policy, People & Organisation

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