Our team of highly experienced occupational psychologists, HR practitioners and communications professionals, bring their depth and breadth of expertise to help you address your key people-related challenges.

Our range of independent professional services span the entire world of work – including recruitment and selection, talent management, leadership development, performance management, job analysis and competency design, coaching, change management, health and well-being and workplace ergonomics.

We combine evidence, action and evaluation to deliver solutions that truly reflect the environment where you work. With no off-the-shelf products or services, we don’t approach your challenge with a solution already in mind, so you get the advice that’s best for you, not for us.

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We’ve developed a holistic view of the workplace, which we refer to as the World of Work model. It helps us think clearly about the impact and reach of organisational challenges – positively and negatively – and how to embed effective and sustainable solutions.

The model is divided into four areas – Employee Journey, Evolving Organisation, Work Environment and Healthy Workplace – and the services we offer reflect the challenges of each quadrant:

1. Employee Journey

WoW-1The path we take through our career and how organisations recruit and develop talent:

  • We can provide an evidence-based perspective to help you make informed decisions about the most cost-effective and scientifically accurate ways to attract, recruit and select individuals.
  • Our experienced and qualified coaches can work with individuals and teams to problem solve, support decision-making and enhance performance.
  • We can review and design talent management and performance management initiatives and strategies to help you identify and develop talent in your organisation.
  • We can conduct rigorous training and development needs analyses, design development programmes for leaders and managers, and evaluate the impact of all types of development activity.

2. Evolving Organisation

WoW-2How organisations adapt to the changing world and the impact this has on their people:

  • We can work with you on your most important change initiatives, including setting up new organisations, mergers and major structural re-designs.
  • We can design change approaches and processes, and provide support and training for internal staff implementing change.
  • We can deliver interventions to help people manage their way through difficult changes in their working lives.
  • We can help educate and develop your leaders to enhance the culture and style around change and communication.

3. Work Environment

WoW-3The physical and psychological environment people work in every day:

  • We can help you analyse and design jobs, using robust techniques to identify role requirements and describe the types of people suited to a role.
  • We can provide specialist skills and experience in analysing the nature of safety-critical roles and developing a safety leadership culture, minimising risk through behaviourally-focused initiatives.
  • We can design and implement employee surveys, helping you take evidence-based actions to tackle problems and manage the communications around survey results.
  • We can review and make recommendations about the ergonomic design of your physical working environment, as well as the healthy use of technology.

4. Healthy Workplace

WoW-4The psychological and physical health of your workforce:

  • We can design, deliver and evaluate programmes and initiatives aimed at building resilience at a psychological, structural and strategic level.
  • We can design and deliver interventions to increase psychological well-being, helping minimise stressors and supporting staff to deal constructively with the pressure of their working lives.
  • We can provide expert advice and solutions to help deal with the challenges associated with the work-home interface, how people balance their responsibilities and how 21st century job flexibility can be implemented.
  • We can evaluate equipment and interfaces in terms of safety, usability and their impact on the performance and well-being of employees.

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