As occupational psychologists we understand that ‘work’ impacts nearly everyone, whether you have a job or you don’t. And we believe that if you’re going to make decisions that affect people’s productivity, wellbeing and careers, you should do that based on solid evidence. That’s why we created the Future Work Centre, to provide robust advice, guidance and support to people and organisations.

So, we help educate people and organisations to think like scientists, using evidence to make better decisions and get more from the own experience of work.

Pathway Development Programme

Pathway is a flexible, modular development programme, designed to equip professionals with the skills and expertise apply the principles of evidence-based practice in their organisation.

The programme delivers practical training across a range of topics including data-driven decision-making, stakeholder management, understanding research and data as well as upskilling teams to design, implement and analyse quality organisational research.

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Advice, guidance and insight

Our knowledge centre is the hub of all things evidence-related! For example, we’ve got videos explaining what occupational psychologists actually do, guides for organisations on how to implement an evidence-based approach and resources for the general public about managing your inbox effectively. We’re adding new resources all the time, so keep checking or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

EvidenceTalks podcasts

Listen to our new podcast series – EvidenceTalks – where we discuss the psychology of work, the evidence behind workplace practices and the myths, fads and fashions that make decision-making so hard. We focus on sharing accessible research that you can put into practice, and asking challenging questions about the world of work, both now and in the future.

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We know there can be lots of challenges along the path to becoming an evidence-based practitioner, that’s why we run open seminars and workshops, specifically for organisations. We share the latest academic evidence on important work-related topics, provide you with the fundamentals of evidence-based practice and share practical advice and resources…and hopefully inspire you to think more like a scientist!