Thinking like a scientist means combining critical thinking, scientific evidence and business information to make better people-related decisions and investments.

We think organisations can benefit from being more systematic and rigorous in the way they make decisions and shape people practices and policies. Without considering evidence, we leave ourselves open to wasting time, money and effort. We remain susceptible to the many fads and fashions that are so prevalent in the workplace, whose impact is disruptive as well as expensive. And we miss the opportunity to find out how things work.

By taking a more systematic, evidence-based approach, we can improve the quality of the decisions we make, because instead of relying on gut feel, we use quality data to inform our thinking.

In our new white paper, ‘Think like a Scientist!’, we set out the rationale for adopting an evidence-based approach to decision-making at work, explore what it means for individuals in the workplace and provide guidance on how to become an evidence-based practitioner.

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