New event series: Insight into Action

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Insight into Action events, which give you the opportunity to share and learn with your peers. These highly interactive sessions are focused on unlocking solutions to your current challenges by sharing experiences, asking questions and identifying practical actions to take away and implement. By developing evidence-based approaches to […]

Why does HR need an evidence base?

Are people who work from home more productive? Will our open-plan office make people communicate more effectively? How does coaching work? Does 360-degree feedback do more harm than good? Does management training create better managers? All very good questions, but how often are they asked in the typical HR work environment? Not often enough, if […]

The road less travelled

If you were standing at a fork in a path, and the path was well-trodden in one direction but overgrown in the other – which would you choose? Probably the well-trodden one, right? That’s how some organisations make decisions. Whether it’s who to hire, what training and development to invest in or how to make […]

New appointment – Claire Rahmatallah

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Claire Rahmatallah as our Commercial Director. Claire will be responsible for helping us reach as wide an audience as possible and for making our research findings and guidance meaningful and accessible, so people and organisations can make more informed decisions. Claire has over 15 years’ experience as […]

New appointment – Andrew Smith

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Smith to the team. As Insight Psychologist, he will be responsible for turning evidence-based research into meaningful insights and recommendations for both organisations and the general public. Andrew brings with him over 15 years’ experience from a range of industries and sectors. During his time working in the IT […]