Video: What is occupational psychology?

Occupational psychology is the study of people at work.

But why does it matter? Because work matters. It affects the kind of life we live, how we feel about ourselves and how our economy performs. So making work better will benefit us all.

What do occupational psychologists do?

Occupational psychologists look at different aspects of work and use what they find to:

  • Help people just starting their careers to identify what interests them and apply for jobs.
  • Help organisations to recruit the right people by designing fair and objective selection processes.
  • Organise work into discrete and rewarding jobs.
  • Design the work environment to make people as productive and happy as possible.
  • Coach people through changes and challenges in their careers.

Most occupational psychologists specialise in a particular area. But they all use scientific methods. That’s what makes them psychologists.

Why is occupational psychology more important than ever?

Technology has transformed how and where we work. Now, we can access information whenever and wherever we want, and collaborate with colleagues on the other side of the globe. And that means we can take more control of our careers and personal development. No wonder many of us are deciding to work for ourselves.

But these changes have happened very fast. We need occupational psychologists to take a close look at the impact this brave new world is having on people. And we need them to explain it in a way that makes sense to everyone.

The Future Work Centre can help. We translate the science of occupational psychology into information and guidance that really makes a difference to people’s daily working lives. And by doing that, we help to make work better for everyone.