Pathway is a flexible, modular development programme, designed to equip professionals with the skills and expertise to practically apply the principles of evidence-based practice.

People in organisations make important decisions and investments every day about their employees, processes, products and clients. But it’s challenging to make the right decisions when you’re faced with lots of information and data, conflicting advice about ‘best practice’, simplistic fads and fashions, let alone personal biases and relationships in the workplace. Being more systematic and rigorous helps you cut through the ‘noise’, enabling you to critically appraise information, to take action that is based on insight and evidence, rather than opinion or organisational tradition.

Pathway delivers practical, real-world training, designed to help professionals become more effective in their role, matching skill development with organisational need, at a time that’s right for you. You can pick from a menu of courses, tailoring your journey to meet your specific needs.