Insight into Action

blue-lightbulbDo you want to learn more about implementing an evidence-based approach at work? Are you working through organisational challenges or planning to make changes? Are you interested in finding out what works, in what way and for whom?

Attend one of our Insight into Action workshops, and we’ll give you the ideas and tools to start your journey as an evidence-based practitioner.

What we cover

Our Insight into Action workshops give you the opportunity to examine your organisational challenges and initiatives from an evidence-based perspective. These highly interactive events are focused on unlocking solutions to your current challenges by reviewing and applying models of evidence-based practice, sharing experiences with peers, and identifying practical actions to take away and implement.

An evidence-based approach

During the morning session, we’ll introduce the principles of an evidence-based approach, including a practical framework that you can implement at work. We’ll explore the systems within which work takes place, and the influences on success, such as stakeholders, the intervention and the wider organisational context.

We’ll also look at the role of individual and collective decision-making in how we view and review evidence and data. We know that while we don’t set out to make bad decisions, we frequently fall victim to biases and ‘faulty thinking’, which can limit our capacity to be objective.

Finally, we’ll explore what makes a skilled evidence-based practitioner – the knowledge, skills, abilities and scientific orientation that make practitioners effective. This will contribute to your professional development, while acknowledging your existing strengths.

Share. Learn. Act.

In the afternoon, we’ll split into small groups where you’ll each share the details of a current organisational challenge or initiative. This could be about evaluating the impact of a change, seeking to understand the root cause of an issue, or simply exploring how you can add increased objectivity to one of your existing activities.

Using an action learning methodology, your peers will then ask questions, seeking to understand more about the issue, so that together you can start to develop practical and actionable responses, which you can implement back at work.

Each group will include a member of the Future Work Centre team, who will facilitate the group, to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to discuss their own challenge and ask questions. They will also keep discussions focused on generating evidence-based approaches, as well as providing expertise as required.

Who should attend

These workshops are aimed at senior HR professionals and anyone who is responsible for shaping policy and processes about people and work (e.g. health and safety, technology, organisational change and workplace design).

Why you should attend

  • You will have the opportunity to explore your challenge from a different, more objective viewpoint.
  • You will be exposed to models, processes and evidence to help guide your thinking and planning, in a conceptual and practical sense.
  • You will get input to help you address your challenge, which you can take away and implement when you get back to work.
  • You will have the opportunity to step back, without the interruptions of your normal working day, and spend time critically evaluating your challenge, identifying the various sources and relative contributions of evidence, and developing action plans, alongside experienced peers.
  • You will leave the workshop with a useful set of resources to implement and share when you return to the workplace, including theoretical models and practical process maps.
  • You will have access to ongoing discussions with your peer group via our private Insight into Action LinkedIn group. This forum will give you an opportunity to share your subsequent experience and successes and gain further input from our membership.

Find out more

Dates for 2017 will be released in the new year.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find about more about our Insight into Action workshop series, or register your interest in attending, please email us at

“I found the workshop stimulating and refreshing in both style and content, and having the opportunity to meet with others in the field is always invaluable. I am really looking forward to attending future sessions.”

Sharon Patmore, Head of Workplace Psychology, RBLI