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Future Work Centre is now a Community Interest Company

We are really pleased to share the news that the Future Work Centre has been successful in its application to become a Community Interest Company (CIC). CICs are limited companies which operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve, rather than private shareholders (You can read more about CICs here). Our decision to […]

Don’t just jump on the bandwagon!

Those looking to adopt an evidence-based approach first need to question ‘best practice’. It’s about understanding what works, in what way and for whom. For organisations, operating in this way also means challenging workplace fads and fashions, evaluating the impact of new products, systems and reorganisations and using good quality scientific evidence to make better […]

HR ‘must not be swayed by hype around technology’

HR professionals must take the opportunity to reflect and think critically about the introduction of technology in the workplace, rather than being swayed by hype, according to one of the UK’s leading experts on the topic. Speaking at the CIPD London Future of Work Conference, Dr Richard MacKinnon, insight director at the Future Work Centre, said […]

Sell the sizzle, not the evidence-based sausage

We’re delighted to share a guest blog post by David D’Souza, Head of London & Head of Engagement (branches) at the CIPD. In this piece, David explores how to influence an organisation to become more evidence-based.    Whenever something goes wrong in the workplace there is rarely a shortage of people queueing up to ask […]

Trustworthy scientific evidence for all

By Lorenzo Galli, Founder, ScienceForWork Accessing and making sense of scientific evidence isn’t always easy. One organisation has made it made it their mission to make high quality, trustworthy scientific evidence available to everyone. We’re delighted to partner with ScienceForWork, and in this guest blog post, their founder Lorenzo Galli, shares the mission and aims of the organisation. ScienceForWork […]

Join our team

We’re looking for a new member of the team, to help us achieve our mission to improve the quality and experience of work. This exciting new role is primarily focused on generating new business and growing our portfolio of clients. But as a key member of our team, you’ll also have an important voice in […]

Common decision-making errors

In our last blog post, ‘Think like a Scientist!’, we outlined the benefits of adopting a sceptical approach to challenge myths, fads and fashions at work. Now we’re exploring some of the most common decision-making traps we all fall in to, along with some suggestions for how to avoid them. Here’s the bad news: we […]

Think like a Scientist!

What do we mean by ‘Think like a Scientist!’? Let’s start by asking you to think of a scientist. Do you picture someone famous you’ve seen on TV? A character from CSI, working in a lab? A medical scientist, researching a cure for a serious illness. Our point is this: there are many kinds of […]

Talking about evidence-based practice

Talking about the value of evidence-based practice is something we love to do, so it was a pleasure taking part in a podcast with Virtual Not Distant. They specialise in helping people in organisations become more effective at building and managing virtual teams. They also have an excellent blog and podcast series, focusing on how […]