Why have people lost trust in experts?

By Dr. Richard A. MacKinnon – Insight Director

The CIPD is launching a new initiative exploring the topic of employee voice called “The Future of Voice” and the Future Work Centre is delighted to be participating. As they put it:

“Having a meaningful voice is critical to better work experience and better outcomes of work. However, this will become more challenging as the nature of the employment relationship, and the face of the workforce, become increasingly diverse. The way we think about employee voice is growing more complex with the emergence of new voice channels through technology and social media, and the rise of the gig economy.”

During my recent interview with the CIPD team, I discussed possible reasons why the public have apparently lost faith in ‘experts’. The 2016 Brexit referendum and the US election are recent examples of a public dialogue where facts were sometimes sacrificed, to fit a comfortable or popular narrative.

Experts aren’t always great at making their points in a way the public can understand, while complex arguments and perspectives can’t really be accurately conveyed on social media like Twitter. A lot gets lost in translation and we can see messages and facts being over-simplified.

Watch the video below to see a little more and let us know in the comments what you think about this tension between public opinion, ‘experts’ and facts.

Thanks again to the team at the CIPD for the invitation to participate. We look forward to seeing how this initiative grows throughout the year.

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