Trustworthy scientific evidence for all

By Lorenzo Galli, Founder, ScienceForWork

sfw3Accessing and making sense of scientific evidence isn’t always easy. One organisation has made it made it their mission to make high quality, trustworthy scientific evidence available to everyone. We’re delighted to partner with ScienceForWork, and in this guest blog post, their founder Lorenzo Galli, shares the mission and aims of the organisation.

ScienceForWork is a non-profit association of evidence-based practitioners that want to change the way people make decisions at work.

What’s wrong with the way we make decisions, you ask? Nowadays, we are becoming more aware that basing decisions only on professional experience and best practices can lead to poor outcomes, often with little understanding of why things went wrong. We are all prone to cognitive biases that lead us to misinterpret the world around us, and this makes our professional judgement unreliable when used as the only source of information. On the other hand, we know that when we include high quality data and solid evidence in our decision-making process, we can achieve better outcomes and become more accountable for what we do.

ScienceForWork was born with the purpose of helping practitioners consider more of this kind of information when making important decisions at work. Our contribution is simple: we make high quality and trustworthy scientific evidence available to everyone. For free.

Imagine being able to tap into the results of the best 65 case studies on exactly the topic you are interested in, carried out in 12 different countries and with the highest level of rigour. Imagine being able to do that by reading only an executive summary that explains the overall results in plain English. Too good to be true, right?

Not anymore. We identify the best available evidence on topics that are relevant for your daily practice and we summarise it for you to read in just 5 minutes!

What do we mean when we say “best available evidence”? Not all scientific research is created equal. Because of this, we critically appraise each study’s quality and methodology to evaluate how trustworthy it is, and we assign it a Trustworthiness Score.

The final product is a short, actionable summary that gives you an overview of the topic of your interest, along with practical suggestions on how to make more effective and accountable decisions about it.

The main difference with us is that you know you can trust our findings, because we have done the hard work for you and selected only the most trustworthy pieces of information that pass our rigorous standards. We won’t overstate any finding: in the end, we are not trying to sell you anything. We just want to inform you.

What you’ll read is not our opinion, it’s not anybody’s opinion. It’s data. The best data there is available.

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