Talking about evidence-based practice

Talking about the value of evidence-based practice is something we love to do, so it was a pleasure taking part in a podcast with Virtual Not Distant. They specialise in helping people in organisations become more effective at building and managing virtual teams. They also have an excellent blog and podcast series, focusing on how the 21st century workplace is changing and what that means for how we collaborate.

In this podcast, Dr. Richard A MacKinnon, Insight Director at Future Work Centre talks about the importance of using evidence to inform decisions and design interventions at work, and warns that we should all be wary of not being led by fashions and fads. In fact, if we thought more like scientists – asking more questions, being systematic, testing interventions and learning what works and what doesn’t – organisations would make better decisions and investments about their people.

Click here to listen to the podcast:

(Interview with Richard MacKinnon begins around 19 minutes 40 seconds.)

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